You Can Do Anything: New Orleans to Texas

Congrats on your $3.00 raise!

The other day, I spoke to my dad about our move to Texas and learned something new. The year I was born, my parents decided to move out of the St. Bernard Projects in New Orleans, Louisiana. In the late 80s, low socioeconomic neighbor”hoods” started experiencing an increase in violence and drug activity while seeing a decrease in resources. So my father moved to Irving, Texas where he secured multiple jobs to save up money for us to follow.

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On January 1, 1990, my mommy, sister, cousin, and myself joined my dad in Texas where he had been working two/three jobs (all while depending on public transportation) to secure an apartment for us. It wasn’t much, but it was ours!

Let’s not forget, back then you were charged long distance rates to call between states. My dad wrote my mom a letter saying he explained to his boss his family was coming and he needed to make more money to make sure we had everything we needed. His boss gave him a $3.00 raise (this is what I learned new).

In hearing this story, I was reminded that with a vision, hard work, perseverance, a strong partnership, and hustle, you can do anything! My parents played chess not checkers! #Queening#Checkmate

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